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    Golf Club Business has 50,000+ Pages, over 740 Company Profiles, and over 3,000 Directory Listings
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TOPIC / FAQ: About Golf Club Business (GolfClubBusiness.com)

About Us:
Golf Club Business (http://www.GolfClubBusiness.com) is one of the leading online golf publications which has reached a mark of over 50,000 pages of content - adding to this count daily covering news, product reviews, and press releases from the entire golf industry with a major focus on golf club manufacturers and golf club resorts and courses. You will also find Golf Company Profiles, a Golf Directory, an Events Calendar, Golf Jobs and Golf Careers, and much more!

Golf Club Business currently has direct PR/Agency/Company relationships covering over 700 golf companies, courses, and tours and has added over 3,000 golf stores, golf instructors, golf club makers, golf courses, and the like to their States Golf Directory. Thru their stand-alone Golf Club Employment network - GolfClubEmployment.com, the network broadcasts and features thousands of golf jobs nationwide.

Please contact their editor, Joey O'Connor, for any additional information you may need on the Golf Club Business network or its other associated sites.

GCB Associated Network Sites and Online Partners:
GolfClubBusiness.com Content:
  • 49,119 golf specific pages (as of March 30, 2013) grows on average 27.17 pages per day

GolfClubBusiness.com Stats for 2012:
  • 65,676 Unique Users!
  • 100,000+ Visits
  • 100,000+ Page Views
  • 39,567 Pages of Specific Golf Content!
  • Average Age: 39
  • Men: 79%
  • Women: 21%
  • Play Golf: 100%
  • Executives/Golf Industry: 14%

Note to PR Representatives and Ad Agencies:
  • Due to fraudulent and inaccurate stats and information, the Golf Club Business network, and all of their associated sites and networks, blocks website monitoring services such as Alexa and Compete.com - however some stats and info will still show on these sites. All of our current information and stats on our network will be updated here on this page when applicable/necessary. Please contact our editor, Joey O'Connor, for any additional information you may need on our network.


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