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The World's First Self-Correcting Golf Ball by Polara Golf - Review by Joey O'Connor

Joey O'Connor - editor

    Joey O'Connor, editor

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Wouldn't you like to hit some more fairways? Sure, we all would! How about correcting that dreaded slice a bit? Amen brother! Well, I'm shooting myself in the foot a bit here but you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars on golf lessons and a few hundred more on that latest and greatest driver to hit some more fairways... all you need to do is change your golf ball!

I was sent a few dozen of Polara Ultimate Straight "Self-Correcting" Golf Balls to try out, by Joe Wieczorek from The Media Group, Inc. - Polara Golf's PR Representative. Joe sent me a dozen of Polara's 2-piece ball as well as a dozen of their 3-piece ball. What's the difference in the two? Well, the 3-piece ball has been designed for more spin and stopping power around the green but the good news here is that both types of ball feature "Self-Correcting" Technology to correct hooks and slices up to 75%!

So, what I did was what most of you would have done testing these balls out. I played the front nine with one style and the back nine with the other style. Yes, my iron yardages were off a bit with each ball but that is to be expected when you try new balls.. and yes, I didn't shoot the round of my life (a 78 wasn't all that bad) but the bottom line here, and the main point of testing these balls, was how well they performed off the tee.. with the driver... and you know what? These balls actually do what they claim! I got about 8 yards more distance off the tee and I hit 12 of 14 fairways. Why didn't I hit the other two fairways you ask? Wow, this is a tough crowd... Let's just say it didn't have anything to do with the golf balls... No golf ball in the world would have helped those swings! Yes, it was that bad! haha.. But back to the story... The extra yardage I got came from hitting straighter shots.. plain and simple.. the straighter you can hit a shot, the farther it will go. I seemed to have gotten extra roll from the 2-piece ball but more testing later in the year will confirm that.

All you do to get the "Self-Correcting Technology" to work is simply align the Straight Arrow ------> that is on the ball at your target and hit away! For those of you that play "winter-rules" and move the ball around in the fairway, just re-align the Straight Arrow ------> at the green and hit it again! On the green it works too and the Straight Arrow ------> is an excellent alignment aid! For those of you that play the ball as it lies in the fairway, don't worry! Just hit away as it lies as the ball plays like a normal golf ball when the Straight Arrow ------> is not aligned. Wow, that's a pretty good trick! How does all this technology work? Who cares it just does! haha.. But it's something about the ball having a combination of shallow dimples, small dimples, and deep dimples.

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Shoot, don't just take my word for it that these balls do what they claim. Independent test results speak for themselves! As shown on Polara's website, a 2010 golf robot test from an independent laboratory showed the following.....

The Golf Labs robot was setup to hit balls with a 10.5 degree driver with a standard slice swing and an average club head speed of approximately 95 mph. Under these conditions, the average Total Distance for competitive products was as follows:

    * Titleist ProV1 – 219 yds with an average Total Dispersion of 85 ft
    * Top Flite XL Straight – 213 yds with an average Total Dispersion of 90 ft

The Polara Ultimate Straight, under these same conditions ended up on average only 40 ft off center with a distance of 218 yards. Almost all of the Polara balls remained in the fairway, while all of the competitors balls landed in the rough or woods.

Haven't heard of Polara Golf Balls before? Shame on you! They date back to the 1970's! I think it's a pretty neat story if you ask me! Here is their story as gathered from Polara Golf's website. The Polara golf ball was first produced in 1975 by PGA/Victor, with sales starting in 1977. Because the Polara actually corrected hooks and slices it posted strong sales in its first year. However, after extensive testing, the USGA concluded that the Polara golf ball did correct hooks and slices and thus refused to approve the ball for tournament play, ruling that it would “reduce the skill required to play golf.” In 1978, the manufacturers sued the USGA on antitrust grounds.

As litigation wound its ways through the courts the USGA changed the 300 year old Rules of Golf by inserting the Symmetry Rule in 1981, requiring that a ball must essentially perform the same regardless of where on the ball’s surface it is struck or how it is placed on the tee. The new USGA rule banned Polara golf balls from USGA sanctioned tournament play. Then in 1985 the USGA agreed to a settlement of $1.4M and the Polara ball was removed from the market, becoming a part of golf history.
In 2005 Pounce Sports purchased the rights to the original Polara golf ball and reintroduced it on a small scale. In 2009 Aero-X Golf, Inc. acquired the Polara technology. After extensive research and development, Aero-X Golf determined exactly how and why the original Polara ball corrected hooks and slices. With this understanding Aero-X Golf, Inc was able to improve upon the original Polara design.

In August 2010 Aero-X Golf, Inc introduced two new and improved Polara golf balls with Self-Correcting Technology™: The Polara Ultimate Straight 2-piece ball and the Polara Ultimate Straight XS 3-piece ball. Polara Golf uses the best available technology to create demonstrably better products that are not limited by anything other than the laws of physics. All of the Polara golf balls are designed for recreational golfers that want to take advantage of these technology improvements and enjoy the game more.

For complete details on these "Self-Correcting" golf balls, to find a retailer near you, or to purchase balls directly, visit http://www.PolaraGolf.com - oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part! If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the "Self-Correcting" golf balls, simply return the unused balls, package and receipt and Polara Golf will refund your purchase! Wow, how's that for a guarantee! What have you got to loose! Well, actually it's not what you have to loose.. it's what you have to gain.. You won't be loosing as many golf balls in the woods and you will be gaining more approach shots to the green from the fairway!

About Joey O'Connor
Joey O'Connor has been playing golf since 1973 and has been a professional in the golf industry  for 20+ years. He is an instructor, a club builder, a writer, and is the current editor of Golf Club Business (http://www.GolfClubBusiness.com). He has been a technical representative for various golf manufacturers and organizations including, Goldwin Golf and Golf Digest Sports Marketing handling demo days for Titliest, Mizuno, and Ram Golf and he has also been the Head Golf Professional of Custom Club Golf based out of Lexington, North Carolina and then he was the owner of their Winston-Salem, North Carolina location. Joey still resides in Greensboro, North Carolina where he was born and raised. He can be reached by email at Joey@OConnorGolfCompany.com

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