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Polara Golf's new XD (Extra Distance) and XDS (Extra Distance & Spin) Self-Correcting Golf Balls Fly High at 2012 PGA Merchandise Show

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High-Trajectory Aerodynamics and Self-Correcting TechnologyTransforms Hooks and Slices into Longer, Straighter Shots

CARLSBAD, CA. - Polara Golf Company (www.polaragolf.com), creators of the revolutionary Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting golf ball, announced today that they will be launching their new advanced XD and XDS golf balls featuring breakthrough aerodynamics for Higher Trajectory and Extra Distance. They will be in Booth #1753 at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show held January 26th - 29th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

According to the National Golf Foundation (NGF), golf rounds are declining, and more and more golfers are leaving the game. It's apparent that the golf industry needs to find a way to keep these players interested and, if possible, even bring new players to the game.

Golf 2.0 will be a major focus of the 59th PGA Merchandise Show with educational and promotional opportunities across multiple Show platforms throughout the week. The goals of Golf 2.0 are to increase participation from 27.1 million golfers generating $33 billion in annual consumer revenues today to 32 million golfers and $35 billion in consumer revenues by 2016.

When asked why they left the game, most golfers said the game was just "too difficult". Recreational golfers are looking for some sort of miracle to help their game. Polara Golf has the answer to the Golf 2.0 initiative, and it's not magic, it's physics. The unique dimple design of the Polara Self-Correcting Technology golf ball transforms hooks and slices into longer, straighter shots. It removes the frustration and makes the game of golf fun again. It's exactly what Golf 2.0 initiative is looking for!

The original Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS golf balls are designed for golfers whose #1 priority is to control hooks or slices. The radical sidespin-reducing characteristics of the Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS correct wayward shots by up to 75%, but they also lower ball flight and trajectory, so in order to get the maximum performance out of the ball it's recommended that golfers use a higher lofted driver (10.5+ degrees) or a 3-wood.

With the new advanced XD and XDS golf balls, Polara Golf has found a way for recreational golfers to use their standard lofted driver (from 9 to 10.5 degrees), instead of a higher lofted driver, and still correct hooks and slices by up to 50%.

"We gave the new XD and XDS a different lift and drag profile to make the ball fly higher, resulting in more distance," said David Felker, PhD, and Head of Technology for Polara Golf. "Now recreational golfers can choose the ball that is best suited for their game. The original Ultimate Straight or Ultimate Straight XS with up to 75% Self-Correcting Technology, using a higher-lofted driver, or the new advanced XD or XDS with up to 50% Self-Correcting Technology, using a standard loft driver. Either ball is guaranteed to improve your game!"

Like the original Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS golf balls, the new XD and the XDS golf balls are designed to help golfers increase their enjoyment of the game, and they do not conform to U.S.G.A. regulations, which means they cannot be used in U.S.G.A. sanctioned tournament play, but they are perfectly fine for the recreational golfer to use every day on the course.

The new Polara XD and XDS golf balls will be available at www.polaragolf.com and retail golf stores nationwide.

About Polara Golf

Polara Golf is committed to helping recreational golfers have a better day on the course. Polara Golf's mission is "to make golf more fun".  Polara Golf uses the best available technology to create demonstrably better products that are limited only by the Laws of Physics. All of the Polara golf balls are designed for use by recreational golfers who want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help them enjoy the game more.

For more information about Polara Golf, visit www.polaragolf.com or call 866-556-3100.
Polara Golf
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